Conditions at 36 Tree Top Lane

Temperature and humidity records

As reported by Particle Photon internet boards with DHT22 sensor.

1 day

2 Days

10 Days

Oil Burner Run Time Records

Uses magnetic field sensor to sense oil burner motor run time, which uses .95 gallons oil per hour. Line plot is cumulative oil burner run time in minutes. Spikes at bottom show times when oil burner was running.

Particle Photon internet board is used to read small sensor ac voltage output of the magnetic sensor as an analog input, digitally filter it to detect on/off, and keep track of motor runtime, which it reports as a cloud variable. This VPS runs a cron job to read and store the value in a database periodically. Another cron job does the analysis and creates the plot(s).

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1 Day (Huzzah)

2 Days (Huzzah)

3 Days (Huzzah)

1 Day (Photon)

2 Days (Photon)

3 Days (Photon)

Outdoor Temperatures North Conway

Weather conditions and forecast

Photos of Furnace Monitor Components

Particle Photon Board

Monitor Unpackaged

Oli Burner Motor Sensor

Circulator Motor Sensor